Betsy DeVos -Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education – a disaster for American Schools


DeVos supports charter schools, private school vouchers, and other school choice proposals. Republicans tend to like these because they view it as a cash cow for entrepreneurs to get rich from the private school business. They do this under the guise of “choice.”

In fact, private schools and charter schools fail students, as often or more so than public education. Privatizing education will fail the middle class and the poor – while giving the rich access a better education.

DeVos is anti-teachers union. She founded The American Federation for Children (AFC). This is not a children’s union. Nor will it help children. It is designed to promote private and charter schools at the expense of public schools. DeVos has no meaningful experience in the classroom or schools. She has been spending her family’s money in an effort to dismantle public education in Michigan. She co-founded a Michigan charter school that specializes in aviation.

The solution to improving public education is complex, but do-able. Providing every child with an excellent education requires a commitment to education that puts highly educated, knowledgeable, skilled, and well paid teachers in every classroom, and keep class size to a minimum – 15 or less. In my humble opinion there is a dramatic shortage of qualified teachers. The reasons:  poor pay, poor working condition, the cost of a higher education to obtain a teaching certificate, and teacher preparation programs that are often worthless. Teacher education programs need to be revised with an emphasis on knowledge of subject matter and skills in handling students. These are equally important.

The future of the American democracy  and national security depends on an educated electorate with critical thinking skills.