Crimes & Misdemeanors?

Rosa Maria Ortega, now 37, was brought to Texas from Monterey, Mexico as an infant by her mother. About ten years later her mother was arrested and deported. She had two brothers born in Texas who automatically gained citizenship. Ms. Ortega became a permanent resident and gained a green card. As a Dallas county resident, she voted in the 2012 and 2014 elections. When she registered to vote she checked off the citizen box because there was no permanent resident option on the form.  When she moved to Tarrant County, Texas she registered to vote again but this time checked the box confirming she was not a citizen.  The county told her she could not vote. But, she told them she voted without difficulty in Dallas. This initiated an investigation and subsequent trail.

She was sentenced to eight years in prison, which will likely be followed by deportation. Ms. Ortega has four children. She has a 6th education. She could legally hold a job,  own property, pay taxes,  serve in the military – but she can’t vote legally.

In the era of Trump, it appears that justice is moving in the wrong direction. For more on this story see the NYT Feb 11.