Sierra Club & the Borderlands


img_8992Above. Both large mammals and small reptiles are prevented from moving across a border wall. The long term impact of this is reduced gene flow and likely extirpation of some populations. Photo credit Dan Millis.

Today we heard Dan Millis talk about the borderlands and the environmental and human impact of a wall along the border. Not only in the estimated $21 billion to build Trump’s wall a total waste of taxpayer dollars (MEXICO IS NOT GOING TO PAY FOR IT – YOU ARE) – the Sierra Club has alternatives which will make the USA’s security safer and environmentally and humanitarian friendly for much less money. The following is from the Sierra Club’s website.

The Sierra Club’s Borderlands Team works vigorously to protect the ecosystems and wildlife migration corridors along both the US border and Canada border by challenging the construction of border walls and other enforcement infrastructure, and seeks permanent protection for environmentally sensitive areas. The Sierra Club supports full enforcement of our nation’s environmental and public interest laws, and we are working to rescind the authority to waive environmental laws granted to the Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, we advocate for monitoring, restoration and mitigation projects to fully address the environmental impacts of border infrastructure.