Video: The Field Museum Expertly Throws Shade On ‘Alternative Facts’ For #DayOfFacts

In this world of #FakeNews and #AlternateFacts and “Send in the Feds!” where’s a reader to turn for some plain ol’ facts? The folks at the Field Museum have some thoughts on this.

To celebrate the hashtag #DayOfFacts, a hashtag that has become a troublingly necessary form of resistance in the America of 2017, staff of the museum created a video to celebrate their love of scientific facts. Humans are animals, the Earth is some 4.5 billion years old (sorry, creationists) and birds are living dinosaurs, which is pretty cool.

“We’re always doing research and learning more, and we invite you to be curious and explore the facts alongside us,” the Field Museum wrote of the video.

Take a tour of the Field Museum’s Evolving Planet exhibit on camera to learn more, with a little political shade thrown in for good measure here and there: “All humans are immigrants from Africa,” one Field staffer explains, and the video signs off: “Facts are always welcome here. And so are you.”