Denial of Reality

Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday (March 10) that he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming. ABC News is breaking the story of camps where people send their children to change their sexuality. Apparently the acceptable treatment is both physical and mental abuse.

Two molecules conservatives don’t understand

While these stories may seem unrelated they are at the heart of the differences between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives are steadfastly trying to make the world fit their own distorted views of nature by denying science. Liberals tend not to do this- but some do. Like, not vaccinating their kids because they think it’s dangerous.

There is absolutely overwhelming evidence that carbon dioxide causes the earth to warm as it accumulates in the atmosphere (along with some other gases – like methane). This is basic chemistry taught in high school science. Gender is a bit more complex and science is only getting started on understanding it. While most animals are born male or female – there are some animals born that are hermaphrodites, other animals that are born one sex, and undergo sex reversals as adults. And, the idea of gender is more than which sex you were or appeared to be at birth. Gender is determined by biology and the environment. When I say the “environment” I mean the chemical environment embryos are exposed to during development. So, genes and chemicals are involved in determining gender which is not an either or situation. In the 1970’s it became clear pesticide exposure could alter gender. Virtually all pesticides are based on a molecule which has a shape similar to estrogen. When pesticides enter an animal’s body through the food chain – they can cause gender malformations and reduce fertility. This happens not only to the person consuming the pesticides but to any embryos they may carry in the future. Pesticides are fat soluble so you don’t excrete them. Your body stores them in fat tissue. Women have extra fat tissue to supply embryos with food – as the fat is broken down the embryo absorbs it via the placenta along with the pesticides that were stored in it during the woman’s life time.

Psychological studies of conservatives suggest the more extreme they are the less empathy they have, while liberals often have the opposite problem – too much empathy. These views may become more rigid over time with constant reinforcement from peers (think Fox News). Remember how conservatives respond with the “no compromise” attitude. Liberals need to respond in kind when they disagree with conservative viewpoints. We need to change the way conservatives think – it is dangerous to our life support system as well as our humanity.

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