Income disparity

Untitled-4Please consider what is happening to our great country. Can we really call ourselves Christians (followers of Christ) if we let this income disparity continue. The number of poor people in our country are increasing. We have been rewarding the rich and punished the poor with our tax policies. As a follower of Christ I am really concerned.

Not since the “Great Depression” has the disparity of wealth between rich and poor been so great.  The top 1% of the US population currently controls  43% percent of the wealth in our country. Even worse,  the top 5% controls 72% of the wealth. What I find even more startling is the  bottom 80% controls only 7% of the wealth. That represents  250,244,060 people who control only 7% of our nation’s wealth.

If this disparity continues, what will happen to our middle class? We are slowly becoming a third world country in which a few people control all the wealth. It seem preposterous  that so many people in the bottom 99% will vote against their own well-being and  interests and support the interests of the top 1% of the population.  How can so many people in our country be so out of touch with reality? In an article entitled “10 Countries With The Worst Income Inequality”, Huffington Post Business Editorial Assistant Harry Bradford demonstrates that the United States ranks 4th, just ahead of Turkey, Mexico and Chile in income inequality. (

If inequality continues to increase relentlessly, major social disruptions may be inevitable. We see this in Europe and the Middle East already. What people should keep in mind is that — despite conservative rhetoric about the US welfare state – the US has the weakest social safety net of any advanced country.

“Could Income Inequality Lead To Civil Unrest in the United States?” (Martin Ford,

Congressional Republicans are committed to perpetuating the wealth disparity. In fact, they would like to see this disparity increase. Many of them have made pledges and signed contracts to not vote for anything that would ease this disparity. They  believe that it is more important to work for special interest groups that donated to their campaigns than to work for all of the people they represent.

This must stop. We can’t have single issue politicians destroying our country any longer. We the voters (the 99 percenters) must work tirelessly to remove all politicians that care more about the wealthiest Americans than the working class citizen. After all, it was the working class citizen that has made this country great.

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