Reading the signs

After eight years under George W. Bush, I thought we had seen it all. Trillions of dollars spent on wars, anti-science legislation (reduction of stem-cell research), and a really bad piece of education legislation (no-child left behind). How much worse could it get? Signs that DJT would turn the country into a wasteland were present during the campaign.  After the election I hoped for the best. Thoughts that he will do the right thing for the country would pass through my stream of consciousness, but it’s clear that is not going to happen. Oligarchs now rule the government they are not interested in helping the masses – only themselves. Steve Bannon says he wants to “deconstruct the administrative state”. To me this sound like he wants anarchy. Trump’s tirade of tweets are meant to keep the attention of his base, distract the media, and the rest of the country while he and the Republicans change the rules to make the rich richer and the middle-class poor.  The USA is well on its way to becoming a third world country. I have been to more than few. However, those countries were not run by a seriously mental ill senior citizen with a Twitter account and nuclear arsenal. How much worse can it get?