Make America Great Again??? Woops

Today’s headlines suggest that Trump’s America is not going to be so great again  –

US War Footprint Grows with no endgame in sight. Concerns that no one is planning for peace as Americans expand Mideast Role – we don’t need more war(s).

As Trump Backtracks, China seizes chance to lead on climate. As we make America more polluted, China is increasing its renewable energy production and pumping billions of dollars into renewable energy. How is this going to give us a competitive advantage?


U.S. to remove rights checks on arms sale. Secretary Tillerson is lifting all human rights conditions on the sale of F-16 fighter jets and other arms to Bahrain. Why should we be concerned about human rights??

Coal jobs Trump vows to save no longer exist. The coal mining activity that still exists has become largely automated. Jobs for coal miners are long gone. Trump cannot bring them back to life.