Trump on the environment – first 100 days

1fishcartoonClearly, environment regulations are not part of the president and existing Republican Party’s agenda. In his first 100 days, our favorite president has overturned, placed under review, or delayed 23 environmental rules.Republicans used to have a reasonably good environmental and consumer record. Consider these five laws:

  1. 1. Refrigerator locks: In 1956, the United States Congress, with Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower, passed the Refrigerator Safety Act. 2.  On-the-job accidents: Under Republican President Richard Nixon, the Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed. 3. Poison Prevention. Again with President Nixon, the Congress passed the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970. The law did a very simple thing. It required that prescription drugs, OTC medicines, and hazardous household products use child-resistant packaging. 4. Lead poisoning. In 1970, in the face of private industry objections, President Nixon (who, despite his crimes and misdemeanors, must be on the short list of greatest environmental presidents) signed the Clean Air Act of 1970, mandating that the lead levels in gasoline be reduced. 5. Flammable clothing. In the 1940s, there was a series of shocking fiery deaths of children that were the results of flammable clothing. These horrific accidents led to the passage in 1953 (under Republican President Eisenhower) of the Flammable Fabrics Act.

In 2017 Mr. Trump has (1) approved the Dakota Pipeline; (2) revoked a rule that allows coal mining debris to be dumped into streams; (3) revoked a rule that requires reporting methane release; (4) approved the Keystone pipeline; (5) revoked a public land use planning process; (6) lifted a freeze on new coal leases; (7) rejected a ban on the insecticide Chlorpyrifos which has a negative effect on brain development in embryos; (8) removed the ban on hunting predators in Alaska wildlife refuges; (9) withdrew guidance for including greenhouse gases in environmental reviews; (10) eliminated the rule that protects tributaries and wetlands – they are now open for development; (11) is re-evaluating the Clean Power Plan; (12) reopened a review of fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks; (13) removed limits on toxic discharges from power plants; (14) is reviewing limiting methane emissions from oil and gas drilling; (15) review National Monuments- too much land set aside my previous presidents; (16) offshore drilling policies and regulations under review; (17) withdrew a rule for more fuel-efficient tires; (17) revoked limits of methane emissions on public lands; (19) proposed changing how fossil fuels are priced that come from federal land; (20) delayed a rule for increased safety at hazardous chemical facilities; (21) delayed increasing energy efficiency standards in federal buildings; (22) delayed rules to modernize the federal highway system (23) delayed a lawsuit over a rule to regulate airborne mercury emissions.

Mr. Trump is one big environmental disaster in progress.