When it comes to politics I sometimes wonder – did I miss something? I remember all of the presidents since Eisenhower. Presidents who were both D’s and R’s and until relatively recently I never worried about who got elected. The country would be safe, the economy strong, and the Untitled-1USA would continue to be the world power for good that it had always been in my memory. This is not to say we have not made mistakes – we have made some huge ones. The mistakes have been made by both political parties but we always seemed able to recover. The political system in the US worked because there were two oppositional parties – if one got out of control it could be corrected by the other. Just like the branches of government the parties acted like checks and balances on each other.

With the election of DJT the situation seems a bit more extreme. In fact much more dangerous than it has in the past. Republicans now control all branches of the federal government and many state houses. Yet, they are the minority party. They have gamed the system. Questions about Russian influence on the presidential election won’t go away any time soon.

What is about Republicans that makes people support them? It is certainly not about making life better for the average family, nor is it about maintaining a social safety net for people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. People who vote Republican don’t do so because they want a cleaner, healthier environment.

DJT won the Electoral College with about 80,000 votes from just a few states. Those voters appear to have been angry because they have lost access to good paying jobs. They saw their parents and grandparents make a good living with a high school education – that is a rare situation today. Even people with bachelor’s degrees or advanced degrees can get lost among the jobless. The need for the worker to continually adapt is here.

Republicans have manipulated voters into thinking the other party is making war on their religion, killing babies, and is going to take-away their guns. And the darker side of the GOP is they have given a wink and a nod to discrimination and the personal prejudices of their members. As an institution they appeal to the worst in human nature. As an institution their lack of empathy for their fellow humans is disgraceful. Denial of science may be popular with those who never took the time to understand it, but it is a sure road to a rapid decline in American society. This is not to say that all people who vote Republican are deplorable or degenerates – because many of them are great people but they are one issue voters who have not taken the time to look at the bigger picture. Instead they are concerned about one specific issues – probably an issue that impacts them personally. An issue where the GOP has been able to push their. These are low information voters who have now elected a low information president.

Business people who make money often fool themselves into thinking they are the smartest person in the room – just because they made a lot of money. People with less money – must not be as smart as they are.

How many times have we heard – we need to get rid of politicians and replace them with business people?

The problem with this idea is now blatantly obvious – people who have backgrounds in social studies, political science, government, history, law, and economics understand what it takes to run a government. Business people may know a little bit about business but their amateurs at governing. We now have an amateur running the most powerful country in the world. Is a surprise the White House in chaos?