The Political Robot Bar Tender


A guy goes into a bar in Knoxville, where there is a robot bartender. The robot says, “What will you have?”

The guy replies, “Whiskey.”

The robot brings back his drink and asks, “What’s your IQ?”

The guy says, “168.”

The robot continues to talk about physics, space exploration, and medical technology.

After the guy leaves and the more he thinks about it, the more curious he gets, so he decides to go back.

The robot asks, “What’s your drink?”

The guy answers, “Whiskey.”

The robot returns wth his drink and asks, “What’s your IQ?”

The man replies, “100.”

The robot talks about Nascar, Budweiser, the Lions, the Canucks and the Jays.

The man finishes his drink, leaves, but is so interested in his “experiment” that he decides to try again.

He enters the bar and, as usual, the robot asks him what he wants to drink.

The man replies, “Whiskey.”

The robot brings the drink and asks, “What’s your IQ?”

The man answers, “50.”

The robot leans in real close and asks, “So . . . are . . . you people . . . still happy . . . with Trump?”



  1. Hi all,

    As a Democrat I have to say this unfortunate attempt to ridicule others should not have a place here.

    This is how to demonstrate the lowest common denominator in communication! This resolves nothing….

    It is important we elevate the dialogue…

    If we don’t reach for respect and dialogue we will never reach a level of civility we deserve, as well as others who don’t agree with us. Would love to see this be the platform…. sorry it isn’t in this type of communication

    Hoping for positive progression, Kris

  2. Hi Kris,
    Under many circumstances, I would agree with you. Unfortunately, the country has hit bottom and is continuing to sink. The difficulty I have finding adjectives to describe the current situation is extreme. People who voted for DJT need to be ashamed of their behavior. They have put the country, the democracy, and the future for our children and grandchildren at risk. Republicans need to put country before party and the Democrats need to remind them to do so daily, if not hourly. Biting humor, sarcasm, and public ridicule combined with rational thought are our best weapons. Within the last 24 hours, we have seen an assault on civil rights legislation, the reduction of legal immigration by 50%, evidence that DJT and Fox News fabricated a fake news story to blame a homicide victim of leaking DNC emails, and a statement that the White House is “a dump.” Make no mistake, this is a coup to turn the USA into an authoritarian oligarchy by voter suppression, fear mongering, and discrediting attacks on the free press.Let’s not use civility as an excuse to turn Trump World into the new normal. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

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