Neighbors, Politics, and Really Confused Republicans


I am always interested in how the brains of humans who think differently than I do work. Sometimes you can learn a lot just by listening to people who disagree with you. A few days ago I saw a Trump supporter who was asked what DJT had done for her. She commented that his infrastructure bill was very generous and will create many jobs. Thinking I missed something, I had to Google it, yes, he has proposed a one trillion dollar infrastructure program in his budget, but – it has a long way to go before it becomes reality. However, she was sure that it was happening now.

A friend of mine recently passed me a document that describes how Republicans, who are literally our neighbors, feel about Democrats. These are some quotes from a written document. The author states that he likes to call Democrats “leftists.”

“Leftists love to be called liberals. To them, its a badge of honor. It just does not happen to be accurate. Do these people believe in liberty? I don’t think so. They promote government control over everything. They constatntly are trying to restrict gun rights, religious rights, free speech rights. etc.

“Does the left believe in equality? Let’s remember, their party, the Democrat Party, supported slavery and segregation for over a century! They now expect average law abiding citizens to cater to every little wim of small, dissident groups. An example of this is the riduculous bathroom issue and transgenders. The left wants children endangered to satisfy rouighly .2% of the population and their desire to use any bathroom that they choose. You can thank former President Barack Hussein Obama for bring this insane issue to the forefront. 99.8% of us are suppose cater to .2% by allowing transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice. This is not my idea of equality.

The JFK wing of the Democratic Party is pretty much a think of the past. What remains is a band of anarchists, socialists, communists, and dissidents. I have been trying to curb my usage of the word “liberals” when referring to this group. Calling a person a liberal makes one think of that person as big hearted and open to all ideas. These attributes certainly don’t apply to today’s Democarat Party.”

He did forget something – those Democrats, leftists, liberals, and even that 0.2% of the population he thinks are transgenders are also Americans – just like he is. Under the Constitution, he has his right to free speech (even with all of the errors and misrepresentations) but so does everyone else. From the author’s view of history, it sounds like the Republican party was never supportive of slavery or segregation. I never realized there were no racist Republicans – how did I miss that! Where did this guy go to school? Critical thinking was clearly not in the curriculum or he failed. Republicans make-up their own reality, this is a huge problem. Just for the record, the transgender population of the USA is 0.6% of the population, and it’s incorrect to leave a naked decimal.

But more importantly, we are all Americans – we have laws, and no one is above the law even if they disagree with it. And, the last time I checked we are all viewed as equal under the Constitution – that is deserving equal rights. Gender, wealth, social status, belief system – it does not matter under the Constitution. Just for the record, I am not sure I know even one person who fits into any of the categories mentioned by my neighbor (anarchists, socialists, communists, dissidents) who are Democrats.

Here is a chart comparing Democrats and Republicans that was produced to explain the differences to children.