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DCQC September Meeting

Please note the September Meeting will start at 3 PM in the Silver Room, at the Clubhouse. This is a change in location

The post-meeting pot luck hostess will be Ginger Applegarth please RSVP to qcdcdemocrats@gmail.com if you are going to attend.

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We are asking everyone who comes to bring a friend – friends will be eligible to win a prize. 


By Cindy Mayron

Author Margaret Regan will speak about her newest book, Detained and Deported: Stories of Immigrant Families Under Fire at the Democratic Club of Quail Creek meeting on Saturday, September 16, 3 pm, in the Silver Rm at the Madera Club House. The public is welcome to attend.Detained and Deported Cover  300dpi.jpg

Regan, a longtime journalist in Tucson, is the author of two prize-winning books on immigration. Detained and Deported: Stories of Immigrant Families Under Fire (2015) investigates the fate of undocumented immigrants who are arrested long after they’ve established lives and families in the United States. The book won a starred review in Publishers Weekly and was named one of 100 Must-Read Books About the Southwest by BookRiot, and selected for the United Methodists Women’s Reading Program.

The Death of Josseline: Immigration Stories from the Arizona Borderlands (2010) chronicles the tragic deaths of migrants in the desert, was a Common Read for the Unitarian Universalist Church. Both books were named Top Picks in the Southwest Books of the Year competition.

Known locally for her award-winning art reviews in the Tucson Weekly, Margaret has a bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Pennsylvania; she also studied French at the Sorbonne in Paris. She has twice traveled to Guatemala, where she studied Spanish in two tiny schools in the colonial city of Antigua.

After working as French editor for TV Guide magazine and as a children’s book editor at McGraw-Hill in New York, Margaret turned to journalism. She started as a reporter at the Express-Times in Easton, PA, and began writing for the Tucson Weekly in 1990. She recently won the Arizona Press Club’s top journalism prize for arts criticism. She has also won many awards for her border reporting and her stories on the Irish immigrant experience. She reports regularly on the arts for The Buckmaster Show, KVOI Am 1030, Tucson.

Margaret’s work has been published in The Guardian, the Washington Post, Al Jazeera English, Utne Reader, Sojourners, Newsday, Black + White, Photovision, Edible Baja Arizona and in many other regional publications. She has been a TEDx speaker, in Phoenix, and she has appeared on NPR, C-Span Book TV, WHYY Philadelphia, KPFK Los Angeles, Pacifica and many other radio stations. She’s a regular speaker at the Tucson Festival of Books.

Her books have been adopted in many university classrooms, including the University of California Davis, Loyola University Chicago, Santa Clara University, Franklin Marshall College, James Madison University, Butler University, St. Edward’s University, Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University and the University of Arizona.

For more information about the DCQC, visit www.qcdemocrats.org and Our View of the Nation blog.

DCQC October Welcome Back Party

Saturday – October 21. We will be enjoying the buffet provided by the QC Grill (which includes marinated chicken and trip tip), the cost is $14.99 + tax.  Reservations are needed by Oct. 13 to QCDC (payment at door).  Meet your local representatives and candidates.

DCQC and ActBlue

The Democratic Club of Quail Creek is pleased to announce that we have established our own unique account with ActBlue.

ActBlue is a registered not-for-profit U.S. Political Action Committee created to support Democratic Party Candidates and other Democratic Organizations in processing their donations, membership dues, fundraiser proceeds, etc. online.  While it is organized to assist Democratic candidates and organizations, it is independent of the Democratic Party itself, and it does not endorse individual candidates.

Since its formation in 2004 ActBlue has quickly become a major fundraising tool for Democrats, especially at the “grass roots” level.  Democratic candidates and committees use the ActBlue platform to enhance their online fundraising activities.  As of September 2017, ActBlue has processed over $1.8 billion in contributions to Democratic candidates and progressive organizations at the federal, state and local levels, making it the largest single source of funds in United States politics. The organization is open to all registered Democratic campaigns, candidates and 501(c) organizations, such as DCQC.  Act Blue’s administration costs are less than 4% of contributions.  Accepting contributions online is generally a far more efficient and less costly way to process donations for most candidates and organizations, especially smaller and local users.  As a result, and as a not-for-profit organization, over 96% of all donations collected via ActBlue are passed on to the campaigns, organizations and participating registered clubs.

As technology advances, more and more donors appreciate the convenience of simply clicking a link online to make a contribution rather than having to write out a physical check, fill out a paper form and post it all in an envelope (plus the additional cost of the stamp!).  The ease of donating in this manner often generates a greater response to candidates and organizations, resulting in additional support for our Democratic and progressive values through our candidates, PACs and clubs.

We’ll be using our DCQC-specific links to ActBlue as we proceed toward the upcoming critical election cycle and beyond.  At this moment, we have a single link to the ActBlue platform, which is a simple donation page.  Shortly we will add another link to enable current members to renew their dues for 2018 as well as to enable new members to join quickly and easily.  More news on that later this month.  Finally, we’ll be able to add additional links for future fundraising events we’ll be holding.

As an additional enhancement, we’ll now be able to accept dues, donations, etc. via Visa and Master Card as well as your bank account.  Finally, please know we’ll always maintain our ability to accept your donations manually via check or cash as we have done in the past, for those of you who prefer that approach!

Click on the following link to visit the DCQC Donation Page and check it out:


While there’s never an obligation to donate when you visit any page, why not make a small (or large!) contribution to the Club just to try it out!


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