A conversation over heard at breakfast


The following story was sent to me by a friend of my daughter who makes his living as a trauma nurse in an inner-city hospital emergency room after a few tours of duty in Afganistan.

“I was in the diner recently, and I overheard the strangest conversation between five senior citizens about the health care system. (The restaurant is a bizarre place where they still refer to “freedom fries” and “freedom toast, ” and there are all these eagles posters and flags and whatnot all over the joint. Don’t know if they would put “liberty cabbage” on a man’s Reuben, but it’s an excellent place to listen in on how the opposition is thinking. Lots of people like to talk politics here and this isn’t the first time I’ve caught a conversation like this.

“So this group of gray and white-haired people is discussing health care policy, and the whole conversation is going around in paranoid circles about how the Obamacare is just a ploy to get you to cede control of your healthcare decisions to vaguely described “unelected federal government bureaucrats” rather than you/your doc/your insurance company. The whole argument tired out. Well, one of the women in the group says that there are things about the single-payer system that she likes. Then the two men in the group so aggressively try to shut her down that each one of them has to be THE ONE to explain it all to shut her down… so, after yelling at her for a minute, they fall to fighting among themselves for supremacy in spouting right-wing talking points about health care. They’re now totally ignoring her. They realize after ten minutes of escalating conspiratorial crap (and no real hard information about health care beyond personal experiences) they’ve ruined the outing, and they make haste to leave. After they’re gone, I notice at the place where one of the loud men sat there was a group of three pills left by the plate. None of the waitstaff or the manager knew them beyond one of their first names, so this guy couldn’t be contacted to let him know he’s not taken his morning medication. Another casualty of Obamacare.

“Anyway, be sure to check for eagle droppings on the freedom toast. I’ll catch you later.”