Creating opportunities for disaster

Untitled-1In the first few days of 2018, Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced a huge belated holiday gift to Big Oil: an unbelievably reckless plan to open up nearly all federal waters to oil and gas drilling.

Then, just five days later, Zinke made another announcement (on Twitter, following in his boss’s footsteps): Florida, and only Florida would be spared.

Trump and his fossil-fueled cronies are clearly using our nation’s natural resources as political bargaining chips — and that’s unacceptable. We need to keep this oil in the ground and stop building new fossil fuel projects that lock us into a dangerous, fossil-fueled future.

The Department of the Interior is now accepting public comments on Trump’s destructive plan to open our public waters to offshore oil and gas drilling. Speak out now to say NO to drilling on our coasts.

The fact that even Florida’s conservative climate-denier governor wanted no part of Trump’s offshore drilling plan highlights just how dangerous this proposal is.

In fact, the majority of states oppose drilling off their coasts — and for good reason. Within hours of Mr. Zinke’s tweet, governors across the political spectrum from other coastal states began demanding their own drilling exemptions.

Secretary Zinke claimed the decision to exempt Florida from drilling was made after taking into account the “local and state voice” — so it’s up to us to hold him to his words. Let’s make sure he’s hearing our voices, not just those of Florida’s powerful governor.

Turning over these areas to the world’s biggest polluters would devastate marine life, jeopardize the health and economies of coastal communities, and put our climate even more at risk — at a time when we need to be rapidly moving to 100% renewable energy, not digging more fossil fuels out of the ground.

Submit an urgent public comment now opposing Trump’s dangerous plan for new offshore oil and gas drilling in the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf and Arctic coasts.

If enough of us make our voices heard during this critical period, we can resist this dirty fossil fuel plan and push for investment in clean, renewable energy that creates good jobs and secures a safe climate for all of us.

Thanks for speaking out,