Where is the plan?

Dear DCQC Members

You probably know that Arizona has a teacher shortage crisis, and that our elementary teachers are the lowest paid in the nation.

But did you know that the state still doesn’t fund full-day kindergarten? Or that our schools are still receiving more than 85% less each year for building maintenance and repair than they did a decade ago?

How many more years will we need to wait until the Legislature restores the funding cut during the recession? How many more years until our teacher salaries catch up to the national average?

Sally, we have no idea because there is NO plan to address any of these issues.

Our elected officials are touting the gains made by educators in spite of these challenges, but they are refusing to lead any discussion about how we do more than simply tread water.

That’s why AZ Schools Now is demanding a plan to address our funding crisis. We’re petitioning Governor Ducey to immediately convene a working group with the leaders of both parties to find bipartisan solutions.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing videos highlighting the challenges our schools are facing and asking the governor, “Where’s the plan to fix this?”

We need your help to make sure the governor hears us. Please share these videos, tweet your own photos that ask #WheresThePlan questions, and sign the petition below.


It’s time to stop waiting on our elected officials and instead, demand a plan to fix the crisis!

In community,

Julie Erfle

Spokeswoman, AZ Schools Now

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