The Zombie Apocalypse

You might be a Trump Zombie if

…you wear your Make America Great hat to bed.

…if you think Sean Hannity is a genius.

…if you think laws are just suggestions.

…if you find yourself avoiding people with brown or black skin.

…if you make less than a million dollars per year and are happy about the tax cut.

…if your only news source is Fox

…if you think birth control is murder.

…if you think immigration is bad for the USA

…if you like to torture babies by separating them from their parents.

…if you think people claiming asylum are breaking the law.

…if you chant “lock her up” in the shower.

…if you think deporting everyone except you is a good idea.

…if you think Trump should be president for life.

…if you can’t tell the difference between a lie and the truth.

…if you think America no longer has to worry about being nuked by North Korea.

…if you think Putin will help us solve the world’s problems.

…if you think things are getting better in the USA.



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